As a homeowner, you may like to get creative with storing items around your home. For instance, you can invest in storage solutions for the garage to make full use of the ceiling and walls. While these steps will prevent you from needing to look elsewhere to meet your storage needs for a long time, this may change when you want to begin preparing for your parents to move in.

Renting a unit at a local self storage facility is a quick and easy solution to meeting your new storage demands.


The first thing that you will want to handle is clearing out the bedroom that your parents will be staying in. Emptying the room is ideal, because you want to make it possible for your parents to furnish and decorate their new bedroom exactly how they please. During this time, you will want to figure out what items to keep in your home and which ones to put into a storage unit.

For the furniture in the room, you may want to invest in covers that will provide maximum protection while these items are in storage.


While you may expect your parents to have a mattress, bed frame, dresser, lamp, nightstand, clothing, and decorations to put in their bedroom, you may not think about the other items. Your parents may have things that they want to store inside the home in an attic or garage.

Although you could put these items in a storage unit, you may want to give your parents quick and easy access to their things, which means you will want to clear out space in storage areas. Going through your attic, garage, and closets in the entryway, hallway, and kitchen should give your parents more than enough space to store a few boxes and other belongings.


If you did not expect your parents to move in when you first moved into the home, you may have furnished every room with a certain number of family members in mind. This may lead to most furniture in your home not being suitable for everyone in your household and your parents.

But, you can use a storage unit to put away certain furniture pieces and invest in new ones such as a dining table and chairs as well as a sofa for the living room.

Renting a storage unit is just what you need to prepare for your parents moving in.