If you want to try your luck at a storage auction, you want to get as much advice as possible. At a storage auction, you can't go inside the unit before you bid. The auctions can be a great way to find some treasures, but you can also end up spending money on a unit full of junk. While there is no way to guarantee a great find, you have a much better chance by knowing some good tips before you give it a go. Here are some tips for bidding at a storage auction.

Go on the Weekend

Many people who bid at storage auctions have their own second-hand stores that they sell their finds at. Since weekends are usually the busiest time for second-hand stores, most of the store owners go to the Monday auctions with the cash they got from weekend sales, Mondays tend to have the most competition. Go to a storage auction on the weekend when the seasoned auction-goers are less likely to be there.

Bring What You Need

You are going to need a few things when you go to the storage auction. These include:

  • Cash
  • Flashlight
  • Padlock

Don't go to an auction expecting to be able to use a credit card to write a check. Unless the facility tells you specifically that they accept other forms of payment, they most likely only accept cash.

You also need to bring a flashlight. Before the auction starts, the auctioneer will cut the lock on the unit and open it. You'll have a few minutes to look inside the unit before the auction starts. You can't actually go inside, but you can look from outside the unit. The lighting usually isn't very good, so have a flashlight to shine inside. Just make sure you move the light away if you notice something amazing. You don't want someone else seeing it.

Finally, bring your own lock. The storage facility will give you a certain amount of days to clear out any storage units that you win. If you end up with too much stuff to clear out that day, you'll want to put a lock on the door until you do.

Bid on What You Can See

You don't want to overbid on a storage unit. Don't bid on what you think might be in the unit; bid on what you can see. Add up the value of the items that you can see in the unit, and then cut the value in half. The number you come up with is about what you should bid for the storage unit. Don't get overly anxious and overbid because you want to win a unit.

Wear Old Clothes

Most of the storage units that you're going to bid on have been sitting around for years. You'll likely have to trump through layers of dust and dirt. You could even find greasy items, spilled liquids and spider webs. You don't want to wear nice clothes when you go to the auction. Wear the type of clothes that you'd wear to work in the garden, not something you'd wear to go to dinner.

Watch First

The best advice you could probably get about storage auctions is to go to a few just to watch first. You can learn a lot by watching other people bid at the auctions. Attend a few auctions just to watch. Watch what other people look for and how much others typically spend on a unit.

If you want to start bidding at storage auctions, make sure you get an idea of what to expect. Contact a professional storage company like National Self Storage - Denver about upcoming auctions, and utilize these tips for your first storage bid.